Client  DAAD
Client  DAAD

Services  Creative Design, Print Management, Graphic Design


The client, DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) German Academic Exchange Service, needed a new prospectus and an informative 16 page leaflet to give to prospective students. They also wanted an A2 poster to advertise the school. The brief asked for a different approach to the prospectus – a clean design that included their colours and followed their brand style guidelines. The brand guidelines were quite strict, but the client was open to a new approach as long as it adhered to the guidelines. The 16 page leaflet would fold like an accordion and be designed in the same style as the prospectus.


Using the guidelines we created different layouts for each job and emailed them to the client. The client was impressed with our fresh approach. Once we agreed on the design and proposed page layout, we worked with the client to design the whole prospectus and make sure the information was clear and concise throughout. The text was formatted to make certain words stand out to the reader. We also used this design on each part of the project, to give a cohesive feel to the set.

Working closely with the client, we finalised the prospectus to create a clear, concise and informative piece. The prospectus was turned into an interactive PDF (iPDF) for their website. The enlarged words formed the interactive element of the piece. They linked to different areas of the DAAD website and allowed the student to email the correct department. For the A2 poster, we proposed two ideas in different colour schemes. The client liked both designs!